Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Black Out the Tail Light Trim on my 76 Ford Pinto

I set about blacking out the tail light trim. First  I disassembled the taillights, they have 6-8 tabs on the back with a Phillips screw holding them. Once you have the screws out you can separate the trim from the lenses and gaskets. There are some pictures of the finished taillights but I lost the in-progress ones. The last picture is how they look on the car after paint.
The finished item on the car


  1. Hello I have enjoyed your post on the 1976 restoration. Can you tell me the stock or part number for light bulbs in the instrument panel . I have a 1975 hatchback, that was restored 13yrs ago but needs some updates.

    1. Hey I don't remember what ones I used. I think they were 194 or 196 push in ones.

  2. Thanks for helping, that is a very good start.