Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rebuilding the gas sender on a 1976 Pinto

I took the sender out of this homemade gas tank, it held gas but I was scared of it.  I bought a new tank. The sender was stock and it looked like someone had left old gas in the tank long enough to turn to sludge.
 The sender comes apart with some small bendy tabs I opened them slowly and was able to separate the two halves. There was so much sludge inside I had to scrape it out and then went at it will some gas and a brush.
 I got it clean enough here to inspect the wrapped wire resistor and the tab
 I just cleaned the other side the same way and disconnected the wire from the back.
 I used some 600 grit sand paper on the copper tab and bent the bar a bit. I checked it a few times to see that it moved smoothly.

 Re soldered the wires after I finished cleaning with solvent and then with the parts cleaner and gunk.
The finished product I tested it with  the gauge and a car battery and it works fine. I will soak it is gas and give it a final scrub with steel wool before it goes back in the tank. It took me about 4 hours but I was stopping and starting , had some coffee breaks and some wander gazing so it could be done faster.
Let me know you comments .

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