Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Refurbish Instrument cluster on 1976 Ford Pinto

The Instrument cluster was in poor shape but all the gauges worked. The white plastic in the back of it fell apart when I removed it, This is very common. I found one that had the plastic but the gauges did not work form a member at www.fordpinto.com. Over all it cost me abut 20 dollars in stuff and I paid 45 for the parts cluster.
Here is the pinto dash before I removed it and found that the white plastic had disintegrated.

Sanded the insides 

Sprayed the whole thing with adhesion promoter

Good Stuff

Looks nice in primer 

Black rustoleum spray paint

I did lots of taping and sprayed from the back with this silver paint

I learned later that I needed to do another coat of silver as I missed a few edges

Looks good from here

You can see the spots where I should have paid more attention but I did repair them


  1. Does the sprayon sterling silver really give a polished silver (chrome) look? Any type of protective treatment for the white plastic that is so apt to crack??

  2. No it does look like the original though, not like chrome. I guess you could use chrome paint as well? I cleaned it with soap and water and I spray waxed it, just so it wouldn't collect dust, cause I figure ill take it in and out 5 times this year.

  3. How do I remove the instrument panel?

  4. two screws a the the top and then pull it out towards you from the top. You need to disconnect the speedo cable and the main plug first , reach through the radio hole to get at them.